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Business Entities and Trusts: the Natural Prenuptial Agreement

Today I’m speaking to all of you mothers and fathers who have worked tirelessly to build your small fortunes: your farmlands, your businesses, your rental houses.  Are you troubled by this recent change of events in your child’s life?  Have you seen a son or daughter perhaps pick a li

Delaware vs. Ohio vs. Florida

Ever wonder where to form your company?  Is one state really “better for business” as some recent politicians have implied?  The following information as a brief overview and comparison between three states: Delaware, Florida, and Ohio.  This is not meant to replace the need for perso

Entity Primer

By: Jeff Roth Bob has a sole proprietorship, John has an LLC.  A group of business men have a general partnership and the Jones family has a Limited partnership. What are all of these entities? Here are brief basic definitions that can be helpful in deciding what entity to create as p

Personal and Business Liability

By: Jessica Moon A lot of clients start our meetings with “what can I do to protect myself from liability?”  While all of them understand that having “liability” may be a bad thing, most do not know what exactly that means.  Liability is just another way of saying responsibility.  Res

Further Business Structures Defined

By: David Bacon D.B.A.s In general, a person may elect to do business as a “dba” which is an acronym for “doing business as.”  This is a legal fiction as far as the law is concerned. The business is usually tax identified using the person’s individual social security number as a tax i

Business Entities and Estate Planning: A necessary relationship

By: Jessica Moon At Roth & Bacon, we work with many clients and their business entities—all the way from large employers who may employ fifty or more to single member entities.  We these clients, we focus on maintaining their businesses and framing up their estate plans to complem