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Irrevocable Trusts

By: David F. Bacon, Attorney at Law Board Certified in Estate, Trust and Probate Planning   Today’s Topic: Irrevocable Trusts and Their Uses   In past articles we have discussed some of the foundation blocks of creating trusts. Primarily we have explored revocable trusts. A

Costs of [Not] Having a Trust

By: Jessica B. Moon More and more frequently I am asked—why would I need a Trust?  I can accomplish the same goals through other methods and for a much lower cost.  After all, we no longer need a Trust for tax planning for the middle class—Florida does not have a standalone estate tax

Do I Need to Review My Trust?

By: Jeffrey Roth This article is for people who already have a revocable trust.  Now that the federal estate tax exemption is five million dollars and the Ohio Estate Tax has expired, people may say, “Why do I still need a trust?”   Others have not looked at their trust for ten years

Do I Need to Q-TIP my Trust?

In Estate planning, QTIPs are not devices used to clean your inner ear; the term “QTIP” refers to qualified terminable interest property.  This is further defined and referenced in the Internal Revenue Code 2056(b)(7).  How can you tell if you have this type of property in Trust?  Put