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What’s the Deal With Obamacare and the Supreme Court?

Was it an intentional omission?  Was it an error?  Who knows? [Maybe only Mr. Gruber]  In any case, the pending and latest issue with the Affordable Care Act currently pending before the Supreme Court has left many pondering what the big deal is anyway. The law: Unless you’ve been hid

Irrevocable Trusts

By: David F. Bacon, Attorney at Law Board Certified in Estate, Trust and Probate Planning   Today’s Topic: Irrevocable Trusts and Their Uses   In past articles we have discussed some of the foundation blocks of creating trusts. Primarily we have explored revocable trusts. A

Assisted Living Deductibility

By: Jeffrey P. Roth Can an individual deduct the cost of living in an assisted living facility (ALF)? This is controlled by Section 7702B of the Internal Revenue Code. Under the Internal Revenue Code, the cost of room and board is deductible under schedule A of your income tax return,

New ‘Eligibles’ in Medicaid

By: Jessica B. Moon  With the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act comes many new persons who qualify to receive Medicaid benefits, “eligibles”.  Formerly, Medicaid was set up as needs-based system; meaning, it was a benefit that you had to apply/qualify for based upon a p