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Sailing Through Life

By: David F. Bacon There comes a certain time in each person’s life when he or she realizes that they are not going to live forever. At these moments one is called upon to make decisions as to what age appropriate activities yet unexplored will be experienced and what activities will

Joint and Survivor Accounts – Unintended Consequences

By: Jeffrey P. Roth With the expiration of the Ohio Estate Tax, our goal is to transfer property to the spouse or the next generation without going to probate court.  There are many ways to title property to accomplish this goal.  Creating a joint and survivorship bank account will in

With the Economic Downturn, Is There Any Estate Planning To Be Done?

By David F. Bacon, Attorney at Law Board Certified in Estate, Trust and Probate Planning Over a decade ago my partner and I made a commitment to shift the focus of our legal practice from what had been the general practice of law including divorce, trial work, criminal, federal bankru

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gifting

  By: David F. Bacon DEFINITIONS It is always best to start the discussion of any topic by first defining the terms to be discussed. What is a gift? A gift is the transfer of any asset from one person to another for less than adequate compensation. A gift contemplates the surrend