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NOTICE: Trustee Sale by Owner

TRUSTEE PRIVATE SALE BY OWNER The property located at 201 Woods Canyon Dr., Upper Sandusky, Ohio 43351, former residence of Lois Thompson, deceased, is being offered for sale by Jessica B. Moon, Successor Trustee of the Kenneth L. Applegate and Lois Thompson Applegate Living Trust. &n


Periodically, clients will reluctantly ask the question, “Can I disinherit my child?” This will open an emotional discussion that may be very necessary but also very traumatic.  Clients will ask this question for several reasons. Some may think disinheriting a child is cruel and self-

Business Entities and Trusts: the Natural Prenuptial Agreement

Today I’m speaking to all of you mothers and fathers who have worked tirelessly to build your small fortunes: your farmlands, your businesses, your rental houses.  Are you troubled by this recent change of events in your child’s life?  Have you seen a son or daughter perhaps pick a li

Relevance and Purpose

In a recent 2014 movie, “Birdman”, Michael Keaton’s character struggles to stay relevant in a field that has arguably forgotten his work and achievements. González Iñárritu, Birdman (2014).  In one scene, Emma Stone’s character reminds us that we are all seeking to stay relevant in th

End of the Year – 2014

Another year has passed and we again take a moment to review a few tax numbers for the year 2014. One year has changed the financial status of many individuals. Large nest eggs have been greatly reduced, jobs have been lost and concern over one’s personal economic status has been brou

What is a Disclaimer?

If you were named in a will or trust to receive an inheritance and the attorney asked if you wanted to disclaim or refuse the gift, you would probably say that was a bad idea.  There are times when a valid disclaimer is the best course of action.   WHAT IS A DISCLAIMER?   A

Oil, Gas, Mineral, Wind—Lease Review

By: Jessica B. Moon The setting is typical—the company representative knocked at your door and offered you a wonderful deal to lease part of my property for (oil, gas, wind, cell tower, etc.).  Perhaps your neighbors have already entered into an agreement and the company presses you a

Second Marriages

By: Jeffrey P. Roth People are living longer today.  Many are remarrying to fully enjoy the second half of their lives.  This being said, many estate problems can occur when no estate planning is completed prior to or after the marriage.   The purpose of this article is not to gi

Why Do I Need an Attorney in the Age of Information?

By: Jessica Moon As an Attorney, I have been asked this question many times.  Bear in mind that this question is usually followed with another question on how to accomplish this same seeker’s goal.  The simple answer is: you don’t need an attorney to set up you business.  You don’t ne

No Probate- Now What? A Step by Step Guide

By: Jessica Moon Now that you’ve inquired into the process of estate planning and the actions you need to take in order to keep the process moving outside the controls, costs, and constraints of the Probate Court.  Our firm believes in avoiding the Probate Court and process where poss