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Guardianships: A Brief Overview

What is a guardianship? A guardianship is a legal relationship established by the court because of (1) age of the ward; or (2) incapacity of the ward.    In cases where a person is under the age of eighteen and in the absence of parent(s), the law requires a person be appointed to be

Powers of Attorneys in Ohio and Florida

By: David F. Bacon A power of attorney is document in which the principal (person granting the authority) grants to another person (the agent) the ability to act legally for the principal. A power of attorney may be broad in scope giving the agent the ability to perform almost any leg

Powers of Attorney and Successor Trustees: Conflicting Fiduciaries

By: Jessica Moon Sometimes I am approached with the question: Why do I need a Power of Attorney? I have Successor Trustees already named and in place. Or vice versa. Or rephrased—who can make my financial decisions when I am no longer able to? My Trustee? My Power of Attorney? These a

Successor Trustee/Executor Duties

By: Jeff Roth Your dad died and you have been named the executor or the trustee.  What is your job?  You are a fiduciary.  You are responsible for taking care of something that belongs to someone else.  Your dad provided a document that sets forth your guidelines. It is your job to fo